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My Green Ventures is your answer!

We are a revolutionary and disruptive socio-economic fundraising platform that is a  duo between conventional crowdfunding and traditional African social crowdfunding. Revolutionized Investment with African Socioeconomic Practices and Practicing group economics.  We have a scalable and secure platform that walk you through a step by step process to achieve your financial goals.

Our Portfolio companies will be selected on the following criteria: 
  •  Fundamental Analysis
  • Management team
  • Scalability
  • Diversity and Social Impact

Other Projects:

Credit Education

Crypto/ ALT Coin Investment

Crowdfunding for Women and Minority companies in incubators/ Accelerator

Crowdfunding collaboration with My GreenVenture (TRUST) SouSou, a cross platform Crypto Reserve Currency SouSou,Using blockchain technology and the African Socioeconomic Practices to develop TRUST.

Real Estate Project

Post Covid Economy/ Business Continuation

Develop Market / African Development Investments, African Real Estate projects, Tourism, Food Production, Blockchain Technology

Strategic Joint ventures with like minded large to smaller investment groups like LIB Investment Group LLC and ADDI.

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